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Greenage Paper Straws

Our paper straws are made in India, non-toxic and are made using raw materials which are SGS approved. We came up with Paper Straws as an alternative to Plastic Straws as they are a much better choice for the planet as they decompose without creating a waste problem.


We suggest restaurant owners and employees only offer a paper straw as it will decompose in 60-90 days and not pollute our environment like plastic one. Our straws can also be customized and personalized with any restaurant or company name, logo or tagline, increasing brand awareness and combating pollution from plastic straws at the same time.This allows businesses to reap the marketing rewards of going green without a hit to the bottom line.


If you’re an eco-friendly consumer, encourage restaurants, businesses, and even your peers to use only paper straws. Paper drinking straws are a sustainable alternative solution to harmful plastic straws. Made in India with 30 percent more material than other paper straw brands, Our durable straws help reduce plastic pollution by decomposing in just 60-90 days. Paper straws come in a variety of designs and colors fit for any occasion.