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About Us


GreenAge is what happens when vision meets opportunity. The GreenAge range includes a complete solution for food service and food takeways. Our vision is to provide sustainable food packaging that is superior in quality and at an affordable price. GreenAge has an extensive range of Paper Glasses, Paper Takeaway Containers & Boxes, Paper Straws, Paper Bags, Biodegradable Tableware and Biodegradable Wooden Cutlery. Our range of products are broadly accepted and highly appreciated as the best option for serving and catering food in corporate, restaurants, homes and in occasions like parties, weddings, Corporate, school outing, family picnic and social or business events.

Our Philosophy

As responsible stewards of the Earth, we should all live in harmony with the environment in a sustainable manner. GreenAge believes that we can meet the demands of today without compromising our earth's resource if we stayed true to the ideology of sustainability.

Our Mission

Our aim is to make it easier for society to move away from conventional disposable food packaging to more eco-friendly alternatives. We hope GreenAge does just that by helping our customers choose the right disposable products for them. With a strong focus on high quality products, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing to match, we hope that more people will switch to using paper and pulp based disposable products to help protect our precious environment.


What exactly is Bagasse?

Bagasse is a leftover fibrous material after extracting the juice from sugarcane stalks.

What is GreenAge Tableware made from?

Tableware is made from pulp of agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse.

Why are your products Brown?

We only use pulp that is unbleached and do not use any chemical.

Do you do custom printing and design?

Yes, we do both happily

Where is GreenAge Tableware made?

Proudly made in India using local resources

I know GreenAge is better than plastic, but how is it better than paper?

Because trees are cut to make paper. And paper disposables contain a non-biodegradable plastic lining